Direct from the directors desk

Today where we talk about the serious need for reforms in the field of education in Myanmar, there are few who are bringing the infrastructure and the access needed to bring  in these reforms. Our firebrand Managing Directors Mr.Ravindra jain and his better half Mrs.Rolly Jain is making an initiative to bridge this particular gap so that the growing population of Myanmar can have access to world class education.

Mr.Jain with the help of his new venture 4RConsultancy is focusing on education while his wife Mrs.Rolly Jain  stands next to him bringing smiles in all ways running an active NGO called “Bring Back Smile”Civil society  in Myanmar is diverse and hence hard to define.Mrs.Rolly jain explained this as things apart from the military. In  the context of Myanmar, it means ordinary people trying to improve things for their community. Her  organisation  supported the recovery phase and pushed the boundaries of humanitarian space in Myanmar further than before, with productive dialogue with the ministry of social welfare and some increased support and funds from the international community. Her organizations and her contribution to Myanmar has proved a boon to the society in all kinds of calamities.

Our  managing Director with the help of his new venture 4R Education is focussing on education programming keeping in mind acess,equity,inclusion,quality and innovation, within a lifelong learning approach to bring education to people of Myanmar were decades of  conflict and underinvestment in education have inhibited oppurtunities.Education is an important instrument to fight poverty, create jobs, improve health and nutrition and promote gender equality and peace. Apart from education,4R Consultancy is also aiming to expand worldwide in the field of medical tourism with the objective of catering the needs of health care in Myanmar. With his continuous hard work and support of the people he  hopes to meet goal at the earliest “Bringing Back Smiles” everywhere he travels on his Journey of associations.