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Dementia And Memory Loss

Interview with Pstchiatrist

Prof.Sai on Mental Health

Mizzima Editor Myo Thant sits down with Professor Sai to discuss mental health issues.

Mizzima :   Please can you tell our audience about the problem of memory loss?

Prof.Sai :    If someone loses his wealth or belongings, he loses something.And if someone loses a part of his body or a limb inn ampution, the loss will be serve, But in our mental health, if someone loss the function of the brain or process of thinking ,the loss will be total and everything.I'd like to emphasize this point. All of us will be forgetful someday at sometime.No one will escape from this. We know people can be simple absent-minded in one's daily life of his or her routine work and with spending money. They will do shopping well. They will remember to buy something, eat or drink something. But in senility and when therre is brain function damage, they cannot do this routine work. This is the disease of eventual loss of brain function. The patient will llose activities of daily living gradually.And lose their efficiency. Most of them have this disease at old age.

Mizzima: Please tell us about the situation of heart disease in our country?

Prof.MMH:   We say in population.We have 52 milllion and of which the population of over 40 age group is 15 million. The risk of cornary artery disease starts at 37 for males and 42-45 for females. The risk factors are high in this group.In mortally rae in non-communicable diseases, cornary artery disease stands at 25%. In the ranking of mortality rate of 2005, angina or ischemic ranks with 4th position and then it rose to 2nd position in 2005. In comparison with other countries Singpore,Thailand and Vietnam, our rate is higher than these countries.