Why Choose 4R Consultancy?

Reliable- We provide you with Best world Class facilities and treatment from the some of the World’s most renowned and qualified doctors. Rapid- The treatment are carried out with great caution and with soaring success rate, we give in our best for your rapid recovery. Relaxing- 4R Consultancy’s priority is to make your medical experience relaxing. We make sure that this happens by constantly maintaining contact with you and our doctors. Relief- We assure you of guaranteed relief with our medical services with our affordable costs.

Orthopedics / Specialties


The Orthopaedic and Joint Replacement department specialises in arthroscopy, dealing with trauma recovery, spinal injuries and complicated joint replacement are performed here to make sure that you derive maximum bone and joint health under our care. With an efficient line-up of leading orthopaedic doctors from around the country, we offer dedicated treatments in all minor and major osteoarthritic issues. One of our leading treatment modules includes platelet-rich plasma transfusion for patients with osteoarthritis. Our treatments involve minimally invasive surgeries for trauma recovery or even bone restructuring. Our team of anaesthesiologists, rheumatologists and rehabilitation experts are here to make your recovery smooth and rapid.


One of the most effective treatment options in orthopaedic care and recovery department is the much talked about arthroscopy surgery. Our leading orthopaedic surgeons and technicians rely on this insightful method to diagnose and treat inflammation, acute or chronic injury in shoulders, knee, wrist and loose bodies of bone or cartilage. Using minimally invasive methods, our skilled and experienced surgeons treat bone and cartilage ailments that are otherwise untreated by ‘open’ surgeries. Our post-op recovery team will ensure that the patient’s recovery happens as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Spine Surgery

The hospital offers various spine surgeries and procedures such as discectomy, laminectomy, and lumbar puncture. Our multidisciplinary team including orthopaedic spine surgeons and neurosurgeons, pain specialists, anaesthetists, help restore and preserve the spine functions by managing disorders of both non-operative and operative treatment modalities. We at Fortis Healthcare perform full range of spinal surgeries using latest surgical techniques like minimally invasive procedures to major spine surgery procedures like complex spinal reconstructions.