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Cervical Surgery In India

About 2.5 lakh to 5 lakh people in the world suffer from one or the other kind of spinal cord injury annually. Be it from trauma, disease, or degeneration, spinal cord injuries are more likely to kill a patient than other equally or more dangerous situations with lower success rates, mostly in the low or middle-income parts of the world.

However, not only are these diseases preventable, some of them can be dealt with by administering simple conservative treatments. Consider cervical disc disease for instance. More than 90% of people who suffer from the pain of cervical disc disease get better over time with the help of medicines or other non-invasive treatments. Surgery steps in when the drugs or the first ministrations fail to produce satisfactory results.

What Is Cervical Disc Disease?

Your vertebrae, or what you might familiarise with as neck bones, have cushions or discs in between them. Say, one of these discs gets damaged. The cause could be as common as arthritis or as mysterious as some unknown condition. This functional loss of the disc between your neck bones can lead to inflammation or muscle spasm.

A cervical disc damage can result in neck pain that can range from mild to severe. There is also a chance of your cervical nerve roots being pressurised which can in return cause a combination of pain and numbness in your arms. While the initial treatment involves medicines, surgery is considered in case the pain keeps worsening, or the drugs show no effect at all.

Treating Cervical Disc Disease Via Surgery

Your damaged disc can cause many kinds of problems. It could be pressing on your spinal cord. Or it could be pinching a nerve. Surgery removes this spoiled disc. Depending on the location and the condition of the disc, your doctors will suggest discectomy or microdiscectomy.

After the removing process is over, the question remains whether to fill the space left behind with an artificial disc or perform fusion to close the gap. Either of these procedures is necessary because the removal of a disc can reduce the height of the spine, and it is critical to restore the original height of the spine.

Opting for Artificial Disc Replacement

  • Artificial cervical disc replacement surgery has various FDA-approved options for discs from which you can choose one.
  • Replacement of discs, research has shown, can remove arm pain and neck pain just as effectively as cervical fusion would.
  • Recovery is quick.
  • There is a chance of blood loss and the process itself takes up a long time.

Treating Your Cervical Injury with Us

When it comes to your spine, taking absolutely no chances is the best way to go about it. The hospital you choose, the experts you decide to trust your life with, the technical facilities and the level of solutions that an institution can offer you- these are a few of many factors that you must consider before a spinal treatment can be scheduled.

We assure you one of the best kind of spinal services in all of India. As our reputation in the market as well as the feedback from our past clients indicates, your condition becomes our priority as soon as you step into our premises. The objectives of our services are modelled keeping in mind the nature of our patients, and the level of treatment each one of them requires.

  • State of the art technological solutions for spinal injuries.
  • A team of experts on spinal injuries, cervical surgery, and medical assistants.
  • Convenient facilities for patients.
  • After-surgery follow up and post-op care depending on every patient and condition.

The Hospitals for Surgery

We make sure that the list of medical care centres we suggest to you fall in the creamy layer and have all the services that you expect from a high-end medical assistance. We update our preferences as per the latest technological needs of the time, and the suggestions are made as per the requirements of each of our customers. Also, with us, you can rest assured that a strict follow up will be made up until your treatments get cleared so that you can experience a carefree recovery possible.