About Us

Company’s About Us- 4R Consultancy was established in 2016 to fulfill the ever increasing need for medical travel and medical tourism. 4R Consultancy provides numerous care services like Cancer treatment, Cardiac Science, Orthopedics, Liver Transplantation, Kidney Transplantation, Spine Surgeries and IVF. We are working with some of the highest ranking and reputable hospitals, which ensures that you receive the best possible treatment from some of the most renowned and respected doctors in their field. We promise to provide you with matchless medical care and customer service.

4R Consultancy works with hospitals from India, Thailand, Singapore, Dubai Malaysia and USA to ensure a high quality service and offers you a diverse variety. 4R Consultancy is one of the most outstanding care providers and provides all areas of treatments and surgeries. We plead to provide you our best services, with full customer service. 4R has been helping many patients in Myanmar with best quality and affordable medical treatments. We ensure that patient expectations are met, and the industry maintains a high reputation.

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Top Hospitals

we can organise appointment for you with
many more other Hospitals as well according to
your choice, i needed.

>Parkway Hospitals -Singapore and Malaysia
> Cleveland Clinic- USA
> Asian American Liver Centre -Singapore
> Samitivej Hospital All Branches- Thailank
> Medanta Hospitals All branches -India

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Meaning of 4R Consultancy.


We provide you with Best world Class facilities and treatment from the some of the World’s most renowned and qualified doctors.


The treatment are carried out with great caution and with soaring success rate, we give in our best for your rapid recovery.


4R Consultancy’s priority is to make your medical experience relaxing. We make sure that this happens by constantly maintaining contact with you and our doctors.


We assure you of guaranteed relief with our medical services with our affordable costs.

Medical Destination


Modern Technology

World Class Facilities

India, Thailand, Singapore, Dubai Malaysia and USA are considered the world’s favorite medical destination, due to its exemplary quality of services and comparatively low costs. Our doctors are trained with the best facilities in the world and are regarded to be the best in their field

Not only are we going to help you with providing the best medical facilities possible, we will also help you get a Visa. Once you have decided to travel to India, Thailand, Singapore, Dubai Malaysia and USA for your medical Procedure, we will help you apply and receive a Visa as soon as possible.

4R Consultancy offers free consultation services! And is only one of its kind to do so. We will provide you a second medical opinion free of charge. You can call / WhatsApp / Viber / IMO directly & consult with us. We represent over 50 of the world’s leading hospitals from India, Thailand, Singapore, Dubai Malaysia and USA.

Our Hospitals are equipped with latest medical equipment in the world, and the treatment are done carried out with world class facilities. Ensuring patient’s wellbeing at a top most priority.